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Before replacing, find out if they can be restored with our revolutionary and money saving proven repair process.

Our moisture removal system:

  •  Permanently removes and prevents moisture from your existing windows without removing the glass.

  •  Restores insulation (R value) so energy costs are reduced.

  •  Is economical, a fraction of the cost of replacement.

  •  Is backed by a 10 year warranty.

  •  Is environmentally friendly.

  •  Reduces glass going into landfills.

  •  Saves valuable energy resources used in the production and transportation of glass to the market place.

Moist air reduces and nearly eliminates the Rvalue in your windows.  Our process eliminates that moisture and equalizes the air within the window thus re-engineering the window's Rvalue.

The Reason

Moisture accumulation in dual-pane windows is a sure sign of seal failure. Seal failure is common in most all residential and commercial buildings with dual-pane windows, especially as they age. Utilizing the latest restoration technologies, The Glass Guru can help you solve your windows' moisture problems at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The Glass Guru's unique process quickly and permanently eliminates moisture from failed thermal pane windows while restoring the insulating "R-Value" and preventing any future damage. Unlike glass or window replacement, our moisture removal service provides fast, effective, on-site repair without removing the glass! The process brings back the clarity while also restoring the insulating qualities of the window. Not only will you see and feel the difference, we back it up with a complete 10 year warranty.

The Glass Guru moisture removal process:

  • Is non-disruptive and efficient. Can be done quickly so you will not lose valuable time.
  • Is economical; a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Restores the window's insulation ("R") value so energy costs are reduced.
  • Is environmentally responsible. No worries about glass disposal.
  • Is backed by a fully transferable 10 year warranty.

Scheduling your window repair is streamlined since there is no glass to order or install. Most restorations can be done in 20 minutes or less.

How it Works

Due to normal fluctuations in temperature between day and night, the airspace between your window panes is subject to constant forces of expansion and contraction. This solar pumping is the main contributor to the unavoidable diffusion of outside air into the window's chamber. As the window then cools below the dew point, the moisture in the air deposits itself on the cooler surfaces. As this process continues over time, more and more moisture develops between the panes. This moisture can dramatically affect the thermal qualities of the window and if left untreated can cause permanent and unsightly damage to the inner glass surface.

With The Glass Guru Moisture Removal System, the solar pumping process is reversed. The key to The Glass Guru process is the installation of our patent--pending 'Micro-vents' into your existing windows panes

As sunlight increases the air temperature inside the window, moisture evaporates and an increase in pressure expels the water vapor out of the window through the 'micro-vents'. Over a short time, the window dries completely, leaving the window with the dry buffer of air it needs to insulate properly.

Glass Replacement

We are experts in Glass replacement.  If the window can't be restored we can give you a detailed estimate for replacing just the glass portion of the window.

Scratch Removal

The Glass Guru utilizes the latest technologies to completely remove mild to severe scratches on almost any glass surface. Our professional scratch removal services provide building owners with a simple, more cost effective alternative to replacement.

Our scratch removal system can effectively remove:
  • Most scratches on windows, doors and windshields
  • Scratch graffiti, paint and even acid graffiti
  • Shipping or installation scratches
  • Pet scratches and more

Water Spot Removal

Water stained windows or shower doors? We utilize the latest restoration technologies to restore hard water damaged glass to like new condition.


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